Testing the latest E7 technology: in-memory

As demand for faster transactions and data mining increased exponentially, storage systems have not been able to keep up. As a result, the interest in in-memory processing has increased enormously. In-memory databases such as SAP HANA, Hekaton (Microsoft SQL Server 2014) and VoltDB are all products that have been developed in the past years. As we are currently studying the latest database and datamining technologies, it is important for us to get access to hardware that is able to cope with these new database technologies.

A review of Facebook's IT infrastructure, powered by the Open Compute Project

This week we published our review on Anandtech of the latest developments since our article on the original Facebook-designed OCP servers. Since the start of the Open Compute project, an initiative founded by Facebook to open up IT hardware design and innovate faster, with the help of the community.

Find us at the 'Server Optimization Seminar'

Fri, 2014-10-17 08:30

Sizing Servers, together with LCL, Intel and Kingston, is organizing a seminar on server optimization, on October 17th in Groot Bijgaarden, Belgium. Topics include a review of the newest Intel server CPUs, comparison of energy efficiency of current platforms and a deep dive into the newest NVMe flash-based storage.