Sizing Servers Lab is an independent applied IT research lab at Howest university College. The goal of the lab is to provide tech and non-tech companies or organizations with realistic, practicable advice on certain current IT topics by preforming real-life case studies. This accumulation of information and research insights flows back to the industry in the form of regular Sizing Servers Lab workshops and Sizing Servers Lab webinars. The lab also provides tailor-made in-company training on request.

BIG NEWS. Our renowned Stress Testing Suite: vApus went open source (MIT license)!
Go to to download the installer / fork the repository.

Our current research projects:

"Analytics in the Cloud"

By preforming multiple real-life case studies Sizing Servers Lab collects insights to support Flemish companies and SME's in their quest to build and improve an efficient data analytics platform.

The key questions Sizing Servers Lab is trying to anwser by performing this reseach project are:

"Faster & more efficient webservices"

By performing stress tests with in-house developed stress-testing platform vApus, Sizing Servers Lab collects insights into the tested website or mobile application. Based on these test insights, the lab advises certain performance boosting ajustments.

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Due to the analysis and recommendations of Sizing Servers Lab we achi eved a 30% overall performance improvement on our digital learning environment a nd a reduction in CPU usage. Sizing Servers Lab handles a flexible approach in t he execution of the tests.

Tom Vandamme

Tom Vandamme

Online Communication & E-commerce, Hubo

Thank you for the professional testing and the report. The results ar e excellent and will allow us to build a more robust and efficient computing env ironment for our bioinformatics group. The report will be very important in that process.

Luc Van Wiemeersch

Luc Van Wiemeersch

IT Manager, Plant Systems Biology